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I took my wife's GMC Yukon to Expert Smog & Tune Inc., on Superior Ave,in Costa Mesa, Ca. to have a routine brake job done. Later that day, the owner, Brian, called to inform me that one of the rotors was beyond resurfacing, and had to be replace. I gave him the "OK" to replace it. He said that he need the vehicle over night since it was too late in the day to finish the job. I said that would be OK.

The next morning I get a call from Brian telling me that one of the tires on the Yukon had blown out while the brake mechanic was test driving it. I asked "where is the car now?" Brian says " I didn't have the tool to change the spare tire, so I had to leave in on the street where it broke down. I told him " I will come down to his garage and we can take care of it.

I take my wife with me and drive to Brian's garage. On the way, we drive pass our Yukon parked on the side of the road. I pull over to check it out. I notice that the flat rear tire is almost completely off the rim. I open up the back hatch to see if he found the jack & tool kit that is stowed inside the rear side panel. First thing see is that the 3rd row bench seat has be folded down, and that one of the latching levers is bent to one side. I hop up into the rear on my hand & knees and try to up-right the folded seat. the release lever is jambed, but I finally get it to work and I pull the seat back up to its normal position. Just then my wife ask " what's all those black crumbs on the floor?" I say that it's probably just grease and grime from the mechanic's shoes, and that it'll clean up... and I start to brush the stuff out with my hand. Then my wife freaks and says "it's not grease... it's rat ***!"

We lock up the Yukon and head straight to Brian's garage. I walk in and ask Brian to meet me back where the Yukon is parked. He brings the mechanic who did the brake job with him. When we get back to the Yukon, I open it up and show him the bent lever, and the rat mess. Then I open the passenger door and see the floor carpet all chewed up, and the 3rd row seat (that I had up righted) has 5 small holes chewed in it with puddles of urine and more *** . I ask Brian why didn't he secure the vehicle while it was in the garage over night. He tells me that it didn't happen in his garage. I tell him that it certainly wasn't like this when I brought it in to you. I say the this is not acceptable, and that he has to repair the seat and clean up the rat mess. He tells me " that's your problem." I ask him to cut me some slack and discount the cost of the brake job, and he refuses... denying that the rat damage happen in his shop. I call AAA have the vehicle towed to a tire dealership to buy a new tire, and Brian tells me that I have to pay him before I can move the Yukon. I tell him I'm towing the Yukon to the tire dealer, and that his insurance should cover damage to the seats. He tells me that he'll check on it.

The next morning Brian calls to tall me that his insurance deductible is $1000 so he can't do it. He threatens to sue me if I don't pay. A few days later I call Brian back to tell him have the estimates for the seat repair, and the interior clean up. To total cost is $65.00 more than the brake job. Now Brian goes ballistic on the phone, telling me that I was searching for away not to pay him. ( as if I planned the whole fiasco to get a free brake job). He sues me,, and I counter sue him. Our case will be heard in Small Claims Court next month. My wife refused to even go near the Yukon until the entire mess was cleaned up. Total cost of seat repair & to sanitize interior..$427.00. + 4 days loss used of Yukon. Cost of brake job $364.00.

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Hard to believe your 'rat' story

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